Wednesday, March 12, 2014

AAP, a true representative of Aam Aadmi

From the time that IAC movement began, I have been stating that the people involved were disillusioned. While it is important to get rid of corruption and to take every possible step that effect, targeting politicians and thinking that only they are corrupt was like missing the wood for the trees.

The way people have been after the politicians has always made me wonder, where do these people think politicians come from? They were all Aam Aadmi, once upon a time. They were not born politicians. Some of them were first industrialists (Aap does have Capt. Gopinath, founder of Air Deccan), Lawyers, Cops etc. These all fit into the definition of Aam Aadmi. Once they enter politics, they become politicians. Just like AAP members.

What I hate most about AAP is their 'holier than though' attitude. They think there is some sort of litmus test that identifies corrupt from non-corrupt. Well, there actually is. If you are weak, then you are non-corrupt, because you are out of option. If you are powerful, you have the possibility of being corrupt and non-corrupt. The only way you can find out if someone is corrupt is by giving them power and watching them. The phenomenon is noted down very well in the movie Chronicle. The movie tracks three high-school students who got super-powers and how it impacted them. It shows the bullies calming down and the weakling going bad. This is how it will happen with the Aam Aadmi.

Do not agree with me, see all the evidence of people being beaten down and killed for the most basic of crimes. You think the cops and the politicians are corrupt, think about how their corruption work. Would a traffic constable be able to remain corrupt if people stop paying chai-pani to escape the actual fine? Would the government officer be able to remain corrupt if people stopped paying bribe to get their files passed without scrutiny?

Let me tell you this, the Indian Aam Aadmi cannot live in a puritan society that they think AAP will bring. It is a different issue that AAP is not going to bring in such a think. They are anarchist, who do not want to go by the law. Would you have liked someone to barge into your house and inspect you without a warrant, like Mr.. Bharti did to the African women? Would you enjoy being blocked in your taxi and forced to undergo medical tests? There is a reason why civilized societies have certain laws and give rights even to those accused of crimes. It is because it is really easy to accuse someone of crimes. I could file a complaint against anyone and without any basis. It is the government and the law enforcement who should then weigh in on the complaint and decide if the action is required.

Makes me wonder, what would Mr. Bharti do if a congress MLA/MP had done the same thing when the current AAP members were mere protesters and not 'Politicians'.

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