Wednesday, March 12, 2014

First attempts at stitching cards

My wife recently wrote a note on her first experience with stitching cards here. A summary of her experience is mentioned below:

Stitching Card is a hobby that is very easy to practice. This requires very basic materials like a pricking tool (needle, pin etc.), colorful threads, cello tape and card paper. The below are the steps followed:

I referred the website Form-A-Lines for sample patterns.  The website had the sample designs and the method of stitching that could be used. To get started I needed to get the sample pattern on the card sheet. I marked the pattern with very light pencil dots and then used a regular safety pin to prick those patterns onto the sheet. Once the stencil was done I used the threads (using the color combination as suggested on the site)  to stitch across the pattern.  On the hind side of the sheet, I stuck the loose ends of the threads using cello tape. This gave it a neat look at the hind side as well.

Once the design was complete, using the threefold card, I pasted this sheet on the front side and sealed the backside of this sheet. I also stuck a pair of blank white sheet in the center of my card to write Best Wishes etc., and voila my first stitching card was ready.

Couple of tips here: When sewing the threads between the points, you need to ensure the threads are not lying loose but are pulled firm. At the same time while pulling the threads ensure that you don’t enlarge the previously pricked holes or else your card may look untidy.

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Some more samples.


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