Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Blogger profile before linking it with Google Plus

When I wrote my profile description as jashomanea, it was supposed to look like a short poem. Unfortunately blogger ignores the line break and displays it another way. I thought I would write it down here so people can read the way it was meant to be. Especially needed now, since the profile displayed now is the Google Plus profile, and is called Jash Jacob.

In the randomness around,
I seek to find a pattern.
In the wilderness,
I seek to find a home.
In this fuzzy world,
I seek to find Logic.

What inspired this short poem is a description of my feelings around the time I created this profile. I was a biker who preferred to ride in the wild. I was a software engineer who needed to use logic. I was also a rationalist who was dumbfounded by the amount of illogic spread around the world.

I have always tried to make sense of the world in my own ways. This has often not been in line with what the world expects of people. I like to dream, in fact, day-dream. I enjoy solitude at times and company at others. I write better than I talk.

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