Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My review of God is Not Great by Chistopher Hitchens

I read this book a long time back, but got to write a review only now. My full review of God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything is recorded with India Study Channel. Since the site provides revenue sharing options and some small cash credits even otherwise, I thought it was better for it to stay there than here. However, this was also something I should have put here if I wanted to keep this blog active. So here is a summary of my feelings about the book.

God Is Not Great
Christopher Hitchens writing prowess is demonstrated undoubtedly in this book. He does not delve into the scientific aspects of the existence of God, since that is not a subject he is strong in. He is man of literature and history. He uses these tools to demonstrate flaws in the holy books of the major religions of the world. He points out how these books that claim divine inspiration are historically flawed. How lot of events mentioned at a certain time do not relate to the time-period when the people involved lived.

Hitchens also uses information such as repetition of myths in the new stories. How some of the miracle claims of the bible and other such books have been used many times in the older mythologies like the Egyptian and Greek ones. He also draws a parallel between Krishna's birth and that of Jesus. I found a few flaws in his description of Krishna's birth and of the Indian Ashram he stayed at. Such flaws create a doubt about the other birth claims that he makes as well. But his book definitely does make you think more about your religious convictions. Even if you doubt his claims and go searching for truth, the main aim of the book is achieved.

I definitely recommend that you read this book. 

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