Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pune Cantonment Board Roads, awesomeness wonly

The awesomeness of the roads on Pune Cantonment Board (PCB) can't be described in words. Yet I am so overwhelmed that I could not refrain myself from writing about it.

To start with, there are no potholes on the road. All of them have been filled up. It is a different thing altogether that the filling is uneven. The pothole-less road is so awesome that if you drive/ride at 40 KMPH or more you will be bouncing about the road. This is not a new phenomena, but the traffic usually cushions the effect by bringing the speed to under 20 and taking your concentration off the bouncy road and into the vehicle that might bang onto you or that you might bang on to. But yesterday was different. As I was riding back home from work at around midnight, the whole length and breadth of the road was open to me.

The full awesomeness of the road was experienced around the road in front of the RSI. I was riding down calmly at a speed of about 60 KMPH and all of a sudden I felt a jerk. Very helpful at this time of the night you see. You do not want to drift off to sleep, which is very much probable at this hour. This road gives you the much needed wake up call if you have already drifted into the snooze zone.

Also, if you are someone who is interested in offroading or cross-country biking, this road serves the purpose staying in the city. No looking for spots many miles away, no need to take the risk of being caught with a problem on your vehicle kilometers and kilometers away from the nearest service station, and no risk of having to push your vehicle long distances due to running out of fuel. The nearest petrol station is less than 3 KM from this spot.

Ohh, I forgot to mention about the awesome fact that the speed breaker at the junction is no longer the hump. It has given way to a flat-appearing pit. Anyone who has passed through this once, will be slow the next time, unless they have a wish to get a back treatment of course. I had the lovely experience of thinking there is no obstacle and continuing at the same speed just to be woken up to reality (as if the bounces on the road so far was not sufficient). This final jolt would have woken even Kumbhakarna.

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