Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The experience of being on the Highway!!!

I've always enjoyed being on the road. No, not like that, I meant travelling. Usually it has been on my bike, but have always missed not being able to go north. That is what originally motivated me to take this trip, seated in the seats of a cinema theater. The scenery looked awesome in the promos. There was some promise on the performances as well. I must say, I was not at all disappointed.

Everything in the movie fits perfectly like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle arranged together. I liked the way the first scene was shot as if on a personal camcorder. And did the kidnap scene look real! Randeep Hooda delivered an awesome performance, but it was Alia who surprised me. I had almost no expectations from her after whatever I saw of SOTY . Other than the fact that she looked too young for the character she played, she justified it completely. Each scene was so convincing that I did not mind missing out on other important tasks for the day, since it was reluctantly that I went for the movie on that day. I had heard/read elsewhere that the soundtrack was not up to the mark, but I enjoyed the sound of the movie. There was this Rajasthani folk song that I loved. Patakha Guddi is the only one people said they liked, and it really was good. I do not recollect many of the songs from the music album actually in the movie. Probably they are the ones that people were complaining about.

While the movie was not a comedy movie, there was enough laughter in the movie. The laughter did not need funny faces or unnecessary histrionics. The situations brought out the laughter by itself. More of such comedies please. Even the emotional scenes, or rather the scenes where the actors were sad made us laugh. The comedy was in the situation, and was only for the audience. The actors were not trying to be comic. Isn't that refreshing in itself among movies with high pitched shrieks and falling on ones bum etc., as the only forms of comedy, other than portrayal of gay men as extremely effeminate men.

The drawback of the movie could be that the plot is not entirely new. There is a kidnapped girl who falls in love with the kidnapper story and there is the girl and boy of opposite nature travel together and fall in love story. But the way the movie is handled is awesome. There is the confused love between the rough and tough Mahabeer (Randeep Hooda) and the Delhi elite city girl Veera (Alia Bhatt). In fact, it is not really clear what kind of love it is that developed between them either. There is also this freedom in travel angle that the director Imtiaz Ali has explored before as well.

Another aspect that is touched upon this movie is that of child molestation that happens in the family in terms of Veera's personal childhood tragedy and how it is suppressed for family honor etc., and the oppression of poor in the villages, as a back story for Mahabir.

My favorite part in the movie was where Mahabir's internal turmoil is brought forth when he talks about one bullet killing two, one who is fired upon and the one who fires it. I probably will go on and on, but there is not a lot I can add to it at this point.

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