Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The smart people at DRDO Pune

Ohh yes, they are smart wonly. I cannot say for sure about their smartness in what they are supposed to do, as in I do not see what they invent etc., but they are smart when it comes to back speed breakers. Some people might know how they had so many back speed breakers on the Pashan area. How nothing could change their minds about it. But then some VIPs came by and there were no more backs breaking around there. The smartness is in the fact that the speed still was breaking.

The removed the 'humps' and left the 'troughs' there. So we have to slow down there if we need to avoid the jerk, but there were no speed breakers, so to say.

They built the breakers again recently, which are a bit more humane. Only parts of it are high enough to break backs or harm vehicles. Even the count of them has come down. I just wish we get another VIP visit soon and get rid of those for some more time.

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