Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What if AdSense is not for you?

You have been blogging for some time, with a hope that you will be able to earn some money using AdSense. But you are not able to get through their eligibility process. It is tough, I know from experience. They have also started making it tougher for people from India and China, as I heard from some others. Can't blame them. People in a hurry to make money did stuff illegally. Also, I deleted the blog in which I was approved in a fit of anger. So, lost AdSense, and can't reapply since it looks for the same site now. So what do we do now? Do we give up, or do we look for alternatives? I have found a few Google AdSense Alternatives.

I have tried a few AdSense Alternatives. The good thing with these is, you can have them approved even with relatively lower traffic. I had just about started on my blogs and have had less than a 1000 visits when I applied. I still got it approved. The CPCs etc. are yet to be found, but I think it is not a bad start. Below are some of them and their features.

Let me start with Chitika:
Chitika, is said to be one of the best alternative sources for AdSense. This works much the same way as AdSense and has both Text based and Rich Content ads. However, the ads are displayed based on the search terms that the user used to arrive at your site. This is also their drawback. If someone reaches your site based on a URL sent to them or through a bookmark, no ad will be displayed. Only user's arriving through a search engine will be able to see ads. The good thing is, they have lower payout limits. You can get paid as soon as you reach $10.

Another good program is InfoLinks:
InfoLinks has in-text ads. This means no additional space is used on your site, they just highlight text in your site and display ads based on them. You are paid if anyone clicks on these ads. This can be used in conjunction with any other ad networks like AdSense, Chitika etc. The minimum payout for this is $50.

Third option is BidVertiser:
The good thing about BidVertiser is that it displays the highest bid ad on your page. If your site gets enough visitors, chances are advertisers will bid high for your site and you can end up getting more out of it. BidVertiser has some hover ads, and might not go with all other ad networks. It would be best to check individual policies. This also has a low payout limit of $10.

Do explore the options. If you like the information I provided, do not forget to share it further.

NOTE: All minimum payouts have been provided with respect to payment received over PayPal.

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