Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Review of Paulo Coelho's Winner Stand Alone,

This is a summary of my review of The Winner Stands Alone that I have written for India Study Channel.

True to his reputation, Paulo Coelho has a philosophical message in this book. The message, though, is a bit vague to me. The main gist of the story is that a lot of people that appear to be successful based on appearances in tabloids and parties are not as successful as you think, and the real powerful people are not usually found in such tabloids. Besides this cynic approach, there is a message in the book which seems to be that you should define the parameters of success for you based on your own choices. The book also touches on aspects of how incidents from childhood impact a person's behavior as an adult.

The narration of the book is praiseworthy. You do not want to stop the book midway. While the book is a crime-thriller, this is not one where you are trying to identify the killer. You know the killer, and he is in fact the lead character of the story. The story is of a disparate group of people who are in Cannes around the time of the film festival there and how their stories end up intermingling and how it changes everything for them. The Winner Stands Alone is a story of a Russian Telecom Tycoon who is at Cannes to get his estranged wife back, and goes on a killing spree for this. Why does he kill these people, you can read the book to find out.

One thing I did not like in the story is how almost every character superficial. Has something going on inside, and show something else to the outside world. It does feel at some time that maybe it is true. I will refrain from calling Paulo as someone who does not do his research. Do read the book and be your own judge. Please check the below options to buy the book. If you buy from these, I get a small commission.


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