Friday, May 30, 2014

Memories from First Bike Trip (Contd..)

Keeping up with tradition, I have yet again taken more than a month to write down the rest of a previous write-up, A Biker In Hibernation, where I was recounting the experience from my first ever Bike Trip.

So, when I stopped last, it was getting dark and being in the middle of the jungle had started giving us the jitters. Also considering the fact that we did not even know where the hell we were, we decided it best to start back to the town. That way, even if we found no one, we could at least be in civilization and hopefully find an accommodation in a lodge or something (on credit of course, since we did not have our wallets). But that was not to be the case. As we started back, we finally saw a light at the end of the tunnel road. Noticing that it was one of the bikes that we had left behind and a TT (Tempo Traveler, known as Force Traveler these days), we felt hopeful that we are at the right place. But as luck would have it, even they were wandering about just like us, albeit a bit slow. The organizers were in on vehicle that was not in sight. Any food that was available in this vehicle had already been consumed. As we were cribbing about being hungry, one guy burped the burp of a man whose tummy is full making us hate him instantaneously. After appraising them of all the time we spent looking for a seemingly non-existent resort, we tried to look for a place to eat something. There were some shops in the vicinity, but the heaviest we could find was potato chips. Utter waste, but when the tummy commands, you just listen. After having whatever we could manage with some black tea, all of us decided that there is no point in waiting any further and that we should head back to town.

After cursing the organizers to glory for such bad coordination, we started moving. It was already past 9 PM by this time. Hardly would we have gone half a kilometer, when another TT arrived. This is the TT which we needed. The first thing to come to our mind was if even this one was lost. But lucky for us, it had not. Not just that, it turns out, we had made the correct decision to head to this road. So we turned again and once again set out on the day we had traversed up and down for the whole evening. We reached the first damn, the Parson's Valley Dam, which is where we had inquired about the resort.From there, this TT took the mud road going down, which we were sure would not lead to a resort. The road had become slippery due to the rain. The fact that it was a mud road after rain and that it was quite steep down gave some of us the chill. Almost all the bikes fell a few times before we finished the descend. Cursing and cribbing we headed for our lodging dormitory and freshened up and got ready for dinner. But, the dinner was not ready. It had to be cooked on old fashioned firewood stoves. After a wait which seemed like eternity, the food was finally served close to midnight. The food was awesome (cannot say if it was because we were terribly hungry, but that was the general consensus). It felt worth the wait. Once the tummy was full, we could now go and end the day in peace. The good times had finally started.

Rest, in a separate post, later. Until then, well nothing special, continue doing what you would do otherwise.

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