Friday, May 9, 2014

Oh unfair maiden!! thou needeth to be fair to get the job

This is one of the older ads for Fair and Lovely. The language is primarily Tamil. The basic storyline is of someone whose dream was to be a cricket commentator, who could not get the job just because she did not have fair skin. Well, sounds funny but that is what the ad tries to depict. In comes Fair & Lovely replacing the prince/knight in shiny armor and voila, she is now a fair maiden who is instantly select to provide cricket commentary and is sitting next to Kris Srikkanth. Watch the video below.

That brings me to Shah Rukh Khan, someone who made his career much before the men's fairness creams even came into the market. He now gives credit for his hard-earned success to Fair and Handsome.

So basically, if he had not found Fair and Handsome, his hard work alone would not have got him where he is now. Especially funny considering the fact that he was already a big enough star when this product even came into the market.

The latest from Fair and Lovely these days is of a woman who has just started her career. In the typical Indian way, her father wants to get her married to some guy who is well settled. In this case, well settled is someone who has a job with a handsome pay, who has his own home etc. In the end the lady says that she is ready to marry only after she matches up to that guy in eligibility, i.e., earn a high enough income, buy own home etc. Of course we know she doesn't know much about reality because thinks she can buy a home in India in 3 years of starting her career. Oh okay, models can, I forgot. But that is not the point, the point is that she needed to get from looking human to looking like a polished mannequin before she could tell her dad the she would get married only after she has established herself in her career. Her career was tied to how much unreal her skin tone was. Does it not feel a bit bad that she had to become fair to realize that she can also earn the same level of pay etc. before getting married. Now the question is, is her aim her own ambition, or is this to match up to someone else? Are you trying to tell the young girls that you get to be ambitious only if you look like a polished and painted white mannequins? What about all the natural women who have done wonderfully in their careers? Is this not an insult to them? Be your own judge.

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