Sunday, July 27, 2014

First Bike Trip - The good times begin

This post will not make a lot of sense if you have not read the first and second part of this recollection.

As I mentioned towards the end of the last post, the first good sign (other than the fun ride) was the food. Also, the dorm style accommodation was fun as we spent a lot of time like kids in a school or something chatting, doing pranks and lot of stuff. We also did not refrain from cursing the organizers quite some for the disastrous planning and such things. Needless to say, after dinner close to midnight and all that chit chat, dawn wasn't too far away when we dozed off.

When we woke up, not a lot of us were looking forward to the day, considering how bad the approach road to the 'resort' had been. But, considering that we had come and we had to make the most of it, a few of us did go out, and boy were we in for a surprise. The surrounding was a bliss. Green around a stream in front. How many people get to see that the first time they get out of a room. All of a sudden all that angst from the previous night was gone into thin air. The view was pure bliss. After freshening up, and a full and awesome breakfast, the next plans were chalked out. There was a trek planned through the scenery around. This also included parts of the forest. Half a day spent in the wild and drenched in rain was fun.

The way back to Bangalore was pretty uneventful. The ride was awesome though. This time all the bikers stuck together. There was a linear arrangement with people taking turns at the lead. Also the rule that everyone keep a lookout for the one in front and the one right behind so that if any one goes amiss everyone gets aware of this and stops. This, I realized is a good way to do a bike trip and I should have added the Safety Tips for Bikers I wrote some time back for IndiaStudyChannels. Have followed it in other trips as well.  Other than the fact that it ensures that no one gets left out or reduces the risk, this also looks awesome, if someone would capture a pic of this.

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