Friday, August 1, 2014

Of Puzzled Aptitudes and Aptitudes for Puzzles

It is around the time when some of institutes of higher studies conduct their entrance exams. This is also the time when a lot of students aiming for higher education start preparing for them. Any time you think of these exams, one of the topic that comes to mind is Quantitative Aptitude and the name R.S. Aggarwal. While I never really tried for these institutes and had already had enough of formal education by the time I finished my graduation, a lot of my friends ate, lived and slept on this book, the single largest authority in Aptitude tests in India. This book was not just used for entrance exams to these institutes, but most of the companies that came for campus recruitment also conducted these aptitude tests making it important for the students to get familiar with this. A good majority of people my age depended heavily on this and other books by R.S. Aggarwal. I think very few people have come up with better books than this so far.


Another topic important during these times was the puzzles books and the only name that rings a bell is the Shakuntala Devi books. The books Puzzles to Puzzle You and More Puzzles to Puzzle You have remained a success for all this while, especially considering that it has crossed several decades since it first came out. Puzzles are an integral part of the recruitment process for many of the major product based companies in the IT field. These are used to measure your logical abilities and your attention to detail, as these are primary in these companies. If aim to get into any of the big players, it would help to improve your skills in these. I recently came across a book on puzzles from Google Interview. I am yet to go through it. If any of you know about the book, do let me know. Else, it does seem worth a buy.


What other books did you use to master these subjects? Which was your favorite book for aptitude and puzzles? Would anyone recommend Are you smart enough to work at Google? How many of you think that such books are a passe and we have moved past these books? What books do the present generation of college goers follow?

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