Thursday, January 22, 2015

Another Festive Season, another offer war

Well, the eCommerce war in India has really heated up. It is not long back that SnapdealFlipkart and Amazon had come with extreme deals to get new customers. The deals at Flipkart brought in so many customers that they could not handle the load on their servers and had to end up releasing an apology. Flipkart took the lead in coming up with exclusive deals with Motorola and Xiaomi, which released some really good mobile phones into the Indian market. Amazon followed up with its deal with OnePlusOne and Yureka, both of which are exclusively available on Amazon. Unfortunately OnePlusOne is invite only and Yureka is a flash sale like Xiaomi. Snapdeal so far has not jumped into this exclusive sale deal, or at least not that I know of.

However, when it comes to having sales, none of them can be left behind. The Republic Day sales is going big on all of them. However, why am I writing this one up? Well, I was looking to buy an external hard drive, and since I own a WD device, I was looking for another one from the same guys. The kind of offers that these guys have on these is amazing. They are offering in the range of 20%, 50% and 40% on these. Flipkart is giving an additional 10% to HDFC Card Holders. Looks like this is going to be another war in which the consumer is going to be the winner.

In the offline world, I hear Big Bazaar and Star Bazaar have really big offerings too. The details are yet to be seen. So, hurry, do your shopping before the 26th of Jan, or before the sale ends as per each of these companies and make the most of these offers.

For now, I am breaking my head over a few WD products. WD MyCloud is something that I am really looking into. The ability to have data at home and access anywhere, and the ability have multiple devices sinc with it is awesome. Also, for the same amount of storage, the amount you will be paying for many of the other public cloud services would add up to much higher in less than a year. This is really tempting, but what I went in looking for is a simple 2 TB External Hard Drive.

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