Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Mobile Dilemma - Which one do you recommend

After resisting for a long time, I have finally decided to buy a touch only phone. I waited in vain for MI3 or MI4 to no avail. I even spent some time trying to get either Redmi S1 or Redmi Note 4G and even Yureka, I have now become disillusioned with the Flash sales. I fail to understand how so many people manage to sit for these sales time and time again. I had enough after just one attempt for each.

Makes me wonder, is this a new marketing strategy to create interest? Anything scarce really does create an interest. If it is cheaper and better than other things equivalent, then no need to even discuss the kind of interest that can gather. I did wish that they come out of the flash sale mode and come with regular availability, but for now, I have to let these go. I am now thinking of buying Moto G2. It is available all the time, is reasonably good in the price, and I also know enough people around who use it and are very happy about it. The RAM is slightly lower for the times and makes me wonder if it will be worth considering the fact that I do not change my phone often. The last time I bought a phone was 4 years ago, so that should say something about it. In the last 10 year I have changed only 4 phones, and two of them was due to damage.

Considering these facts, and the fact that handling a phone delicately is not an option for me (and my toddler who loves phones), is this phone a good option. A good old Nokia 1100 would have been good considering the toddler, but he just loves smartphones.

Anyways, this was just a needless rant that I just wanted to get out.

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