Friday, January 30, 2015

Trying for a new me

I am a strong believer in the theory that with enough will and perseverance, we can achieve most targets. Unfortunately for me, I have either never willed enough or persevered enough for a lot of quests in my life. While I have tried and failed in changing this status quo, I have decided to at least persevere in changing this habit of mine.

For this, one of the primary things that I have decided to target is my time management skills. I have successfully followed times for short durations of time, after which I usually lose my drive. This time over I intend to take it longer. The primary aim is to not lose the drive to improve. I am trying to use some tools like time trackers and time managers for this. It is not an easy job to get into that. I often forget to start or stop my tracker, so the measurements are not accurate. I have not yet created tasks in the time manager because I am not able to understand how to go about it. However, I am getting closer with the tracker. Hopefully, a better tracking measurement will help me with a better time management plan.

Another target I have set is to improve my handwriting. One of the most common comments I have received throughout school was to improve my handwriting. Never tried hard enough then and was never motivated to do that. After reading about some of the great men that had bad handwriting, any motivation that I had disappeared too. Computers and typing felt like a blessing to me, as I hated writing. However; I have come a long way from those days. It has been such a long time that in have written anything with pen and paper that my handwriting has become pathetic beyond mention. I recently took some notes and I could not bear the ugliness of it. So, to this front,  I have decided to write something everyday to a notebook. It is mostly going to be random stuff, but let me see how far it goes. So far, while the writing has become more legible and less painful for the eye, it is has stopped improving beyond that. But then it's only been three days. Maybe I will improve if I do not lose the momentum.

Third thing in my mind is physical exercise. Since my job and my hobbies are all done sitting at one place, the attraction that the earth has to my body has increased quite a bit (I'm talking of gravitational attraction here). I need to do something about this. I found out about an interval training method which requires only seven minutes a day that seems doable, but some people have commented  that it is very exhaustive. That was understood from the very fact that it was said to be very effective. What remains to be seen is if I can get to start it.

I follow James Clear who gives excellent advice on habit formation etc. I have found his advice to be very useful in some things I tried. I am hoping that this clubbed with the rest of the tools could help me achieve the results I am aiming for.

Anyone else has any tips and tricks that has worked for them in any of these aspects?

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