Monday, July 6, 2015

As the clock ticks by

I was just going through a travelogue that I had written a few years back and couldn't help but notice the changes in my writing style. Back then it was more fun filled. Time has made me more serious as can be seen from my more recent writings. The travelogue I'm talking about is a three part series on a trip to Wayanad. Now compare that to this recent writeup on my trip to Malwan. This has such a serious tone to it that I'm sure not  many people would be able to live through it.

Makes me wonder. Does time do that to everyone? Is this what people call maturity, or is this just me getting boring. How much of this has got to do with a person's state of mind? I know that Robin Williams was suffering depression and yet he came out with nice stuff in his stand up act. Looks like funny doesn't necessarily come to happy people. Neither will I describe myself as a morose person. What then could this mean? I am trying to figure out coz I think funny could really help me in my regular interactions and also possibly get me more readers. Besides, who doesn't really like to be funny?

There are lots of stuff I would like to write about, but am stuck because it ends up getting too boring and monotonous. Why would I put such stuff up. People like even tech stuff to be funny. If anyone has any suggestions on improving the humor quotient of a writeup, I'm open to suggestions.

I have recently come across a site called 750words. It lets you write your random first thoughts in the morning. It has a simple sign up form and an easy to use interface. It gives you points for writing regularly and more points if you write 750 or more words. It is not a blog though. So the only person reading it will be you. That makes it an ideal site for rough work and idea tracking. You can then take the ideas and modify or tune it for your blog. I'm quite excited about it. Let's see if I can make use of this. Probably people will be spared boring posts such as this one after I take on to that.