Friday, September 18, 2015

Hahakaar ho hahaakaar, ganpati cha namaat karoo hahakaar

Presenting to you the effervescent festival of noise, the celebration of goondaism and antisocialism. Before I elaborate, watch the video.

Now, I'm not someone who dislikes loud music. I play music at full volume on my headset and stand next to the speakers in clubs and concerts. I'm even grooving while typing this to the tunes. Only trouble, I'm in front of a hospital, that has a maternity ward. Imagine the effect of this in the newborns. Also those events that I talked of earlier only affect those who chose to be there. This is not the case here. There are infants and elders at home who are subject to this noise without having a say in it. Also, if you paid attention to the video, you can see the traffic clog that this has caused. There is a mandap right next to the hospital which is going to blare noise ( loud music) for another 10 days. To some it will be music. After all music is sound that is soothing to ears and noise to nd that is not wanted.

Also did you notice that the noise in the video was produced by two competing groups? These are just two out of the many spread in a 500 meter stretch of road. The density is higher than 5 in that space.

You might be wondering why did I call this a celebration of goondaism. Well, how do you think all the money for these come from. They make people pay up. The shops in the area have to pay all the competing groups or they 'persuade' you to. The amount is not chosen by the shopkeeper either. Of course I own no business. I'm just a witness.

Well, I'll be editing an posting this much later than when I'm typing this. However, the content so far was typed under the influence of loud music.

By now, some people would have decided that I am writing all this because I am from a different religion. That's OK. In the time that I have spent online, I have got allegations of various contrasting affiliations. I've got used to it by now. But, if you could get over such petty allegations and think of the matter that I have written, do give it a deep thought.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Nice is not nice

You try to be nice,
Try not to hurt anyone,
Eat up your anger,
Don't show it to anyone.

Can you spare the hurt,
Really save everyone around,
Or are you forgetting,
You are also someone.

When you control yourself,
When you do all to keep others peace,
If you are getting to pieces,
Are you really keeping peace.

Should you be nice to everyone,
Without a care in the world,
How you are treated,
By the people who form your world.

Is time to rethink your life,
Time to take control,
Time to rejuvenate the self,
And live a life that's whole.

It's been a while since I've dabbled in rhyme, and I am sure it shows. Needless to say, things aren't all hunky dory. My attitude of treating everyone well and not hurting anyone's feeling, even if not reciprocated, seems like a very bad idea. Not just that it fails to do what I intend, it also leaves me miserable. All the thoughts that I keep to myself, all the complaints that I do not bring out, they stay in and start eating me up. I guess I really need to start being more blunt and aggressive if we need to maintain my sanity. 

Trying to be nice, may not always be nice for you