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Jash JacobWho is Jash Jacob and why does he require a whole page to describe him? Good questions. Let me try to answer. Jash Jacob, is a self-obsessed person, who is almost a narcissist with respect to his name. While he prefers to talk in the first person, he is writing this in the third person for added dramatic effect. He still has not got over the fact that he has a namesake who has bought the dot com domain of his name. So, he bought the domain www.jashjacob.net and www.jashjacob.me. He used the dot net domain to create his professional profile (please visit Jash Jacob - Profile of a BI Developer). He however could not figure out what to do with the other domain. That is where he got the brilliant idea to create an awesome blogger profile, and so here I am. Another advantage to a blogger profile these days is that Google seems to provide more visibility to it. Jash Jacob can also be found online on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Quora. He also has a BrandYourself Profile at http://jashjacob.brandyourself.com and a visual resume at http://vizualize.me/jashjacob#.

To describe me further, I can neither live in the city, nor in the wilderness. I need a mix of the two. I love to read, to debate, to learn and to ride a bike. I love long rides out of the city, and this is what I do whenever I am frustrated with things around. I do not ride rash irrespective of the mood.

I used to be extremely active online till about 2008, after which it has been on a steady decline. I used to be funnier than I am now. I have started to grow constantly serious over time, which is not something I enjoy a lot. I used to write a few limericks around that time, which I used to think was poetry. It came pretty close to Vogon Poetry.

Music and Movies are other things that I enjoy to the core. I intend to keep track of these by writing reviews on this. I have heard that you could earn money from this. I do not mind making a bit extra for some activities like that.

I intend to update this as required in future.

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